presenting UX designs to customers

My approach

Co-creating product experiences with customers and users.

Beyond designing great user experiences, I'm keenly interested in a role focused on crafting a culture of design thinking within a product team. I'm looking for a team that wants to co-create the product with their customers and understands the value of doing so.

By pursuing Lean approaches to design: hypothesis-driven learning, outcome-based design, and data-driven learning, product teams can solve the problems users have--and thereby achieve the outcomes businesses require.

Intune admin console

Intune Administration Portal on Azure

In November 2015, I moved from client-side UX work on the Intune Company Portal mobile apps--to work on the Intune administration console, used by enterprise IT pros to administer Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) capabilities. Responding to asks from enterprise customers for fewer consoles to administer EMS capabilities, the Intune UX team was in-progress on a year-long effort to completely redesign and rebuild the entire admin experience in HTML5 on the Azure framework, replacing the previous Silverlight console.

Company Portal apps case study

Company Portal apps

iOS, Android and Mac OS

The Intune Company Portal apps are an integral part of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility & Security product. Companies using EMS for mobile device management provide these apps to their employees, which enable them to enroll and manage their personal devices, install company apps and store apps, and access documents.

Company Access Setup screens on mobile phones

Company Access Setup

iOS and Android Company Portals

To address concerns from users about enrolling their personal devices and increase adoption and service usage--my team looked for ways to simplify the onboarding workflow and give more assurance to users about what their IT department could see and do on their device. We also clarified the Company Portal's value proposition and softened the language.

I modeled the resulting solution, Company Access Setup, after device out-of-box experiences (OOBE's)--The device has you answer one question or perform one task per screen until you you're done. These workflows are clean and simple with illustrations and sometimes provide progress indication.


Material Design UI Update

Android Company Portal

In 2014 Google released its new Material design language for Android and the Web. Material Design was a total re-imagining of their UI language and was quite well received. The new OS version meant the Company Portal app would need to be re-skinned to align with the new design language: new controls, layouts, icons, animations and more.

Deliverables: Sketches, visual design, design specs, fit & finish review on the app builds.


Intune Secure Content Viewer apps


The Intune Secure Content Viewer apps for Android were important components of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite. I designed a Web browser, image viewer, video player, and a PDF reader for the collection.

Deliverables: Sketches, wireframes, visual design, design specs, fit & finish review on the app builds.


Evangelizing UX in Africa

My Skills 4 Africa volunteer project

In October 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Lagos, Nigeria to teach UX skills and mentor a small software team there. The project was sponsored by My Skills for Africa, an organization within Microsoft, whose mission is to promote economic development on the African continent.


More stuff to look at

Visual Design & Branding

Branding and visual design for marketing communications, print and product packaging.

For Fun

A few projects I've done just for the fun of it. Album art and other goodies.