Case study

Intune Administration Portal on Azure

Intune Administration console

In November 2015, I moved from client-side UX work on the Intune Company Portal apps, used by enterprise office workers—to work on the Intune administration console, used by enterprise IT pros to administer Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) scenarios. Responding to asks from enterprise customers for fewer consoles to administer EMS capabilities, the Intune UX team was in-progress on a year-long effort to completely redesign and rebuild the entire admin experience in HTML5 on the Azure framework, replacing the previous Silverlight console. The new console became generally available in June of 2017.

The Intune UX team’s task was to move all mobile device management (MDM) features from the old Silverlight console to the new Azure console. The Azure framework is unique in that it uses a horizontal scrolling metaphor, where the user goes on a horizontal journey consisting of smaller chunks of content and interaction. Each new scenario being migrated into the new experience therefore, required careful thought and design.

Areas of ownership

  • Intune Overview – the console’s home screen and primary dashboard for high-level monitoring.
  • Device Enrollment workload – where admins configure device enrollment capabilities for Apple, Android and Windows devices.
  • Device Configuration workload - Windows Encryption Configuration, iOS Home Screen Configuration, Per-app VPN Configuration.
Deliverables: Sketches, workflow, wireframes, prototypes, usability findings, visual design, design specs, fit & finish review on the app builds.