Driving conversation. Solving problems. Creating great experiences.

I’m passionate about crafting great user experiences. Perhaps it's because I’ve seen my share of poorly designed interactions. You know the ones… you can’t find what you’re looking for, aren’t sure how you got here and find yourself baffled as to how to proceed. Then there are the experiences that make perfect sense, are effortless and actually delightful to use. That’s the sweet spot.

I’ve been at this almost fifteen years now… Since 2003, I have worked independently as a freelance graphic designer, web designer and user experience designer for private, corporate and agency clients throughout Western Washington and beyond. In 2011 I joined Microsoft, where I currently work as a UX Designer with Microsoft Intune, creating new mobile app experiences for end-users and admin experiences for enterprise IT Professional.

Beyond designing great user experiences, I’m keenly interested in a role focused on crafting a culture of design thinking within a product team. I’m looking for a team that wants to co-create the product with their customers and understands the value of doing so. By evangelizing Lean approaches to design: hypothesis-driven learning, outcome-based design, and data-driven learning, product teams can solve the problems users have--and thereby achieve the outcomes businesses require.